Yo dawg. I heard you like downforce…
The fact is, an orange Scirocco is probably rather a desirable, retro-cool thing now. Its groovy persona might have seeped into my artistic mind and turned me into a designer or architect. And this is why, love or hate cars, they are such an endlessly fascinating, controversial subject. We sometimes define ourselves by them and maybe sometimes they influence who we are. And there are probably not many objects we can say that about.
Hammond on fate and cars - BBC Top Gear (via topgear)


Beautiful native american wisdom. I first heard this tale in a native american course at uni

(Source: zenpencils.com)

Someone will say that cars are great when they have soul, but I think this is a cop-out. Machines do not have a soul, and claiming that they do is really a get-out clause to evade thinking properly about it. Rather, machines reveal the soul of humanity, which is much more interesting.
James on: beauty in engineering - BBC Top Gear (via topgear)
Too low for fat hoes.

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